Top Powerful Free Tools To Monetize your Online Business

Top Powerful Free Tools To Monetize your Online Business


Have you spent years of effort and not got any profits or revenue in business?

Have you spent lots of money on various expensive software, tools, websites and still struggling?

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Efforts + Wrong Tools = No Results

I wrote this article to help you set up simple systems or tools to get business online in less time. You save time. You save money. You save efforts. And You get the leads or paying clients with ease.

Why Your Online Business

Your Online Business can help you generate income for the help you do.

I am not referring to any online business, but YOUR online business. You start your business after identifying what you are good at, what you like, and lots of research. Setting up your online business can help you feel fulfilled. You do what you feel like doing and not what others or any job force you to do.

Online Business can help you generate passive income. You can read that article here.

Why Income from Business

Getting income from your business is very important. If you do not generate income from your business, you lose your financial independence. You may have to depend on others to get money or needs. Your Business gives you the freedom to generate unlimited income soon. You also lead a satisfied fulfilled life realizing your full potential.

My Experiences

I have been in software training and consulting business for 10+ years and below are the painful experiences:

  1. Spending on unnecessary ads that never generate leads/clients.
  2. Helping 1000s and never got enough income for needs for many years
  3. Getting paid very little due to lack of knowledge of the high market value
  4. Not using free tools that generate revenue and bring in leads/clients.

I have been a Solopreneur or Business Owner for over 10+ and years. I have enjoyed the following benefits:

  1. Working for myself and my brand
  2. Working on my own computer and not any common computer.
  3. Working from home
  4. Freedom to take rest or leave when needed
  5. Improved health
  6. I decide what to do and not any boss
  7. I choose my projects and clients
  8. My works work for me in future

FREE Tools needed to setup Online Business

I currently use Paid software like Microsoft 365 to run my business. However, I am sharing FREE tools below to get leads and revenue.

  1. Clubhouse
    • Clubhouse is the latest app that is very helpful to get clients.
    • I got 100+ followers and over 30+ leads/clients in 15 days in 2021.
  2. Instagram
    • Get your Instagram Business profile ready.
    • Connect Clubhouse to Instagram and ask people to DM you for the solutions you have.
  3. Calendly
  4. Facebook
    • Facebook groups in your niche can be very helpful to generate leads
    • Make sure you make them join your group and you give value weekly/monthly
  5. Canva
    • Canva is a very powerful tool to create your Instagram content or offers.
    • You can use Canva to create your eBook with good design
  6. Pay hip
    • This software is simple yet powerful to get clients and their email and link them to Mailchimp
  7. Mailchimp
    • This tool allows you to send campaigns or value through email.

The above tools will not only help your business generate a lot of leads. They also help to save your money.

Top 5 Business Tips

Below are Top Tips to generate revenue:

1.      Help and give value

Help those who come to you for help and get their email address and connect with them.

2.      Networking

Start networking with people. Your Network is your network. Ensure that you network with key top decision-makers.

3.     Clarity On Target Audience

Target Audiences or clients should be specific and not everyone.

4.      Solve Problems and Not challenges

Do not focus on doing challenges. Simple solutions are often better. Focus on helping and solving a problem rather than doing challenges.

5.      Connect with Experts

Connect with Experts. Find successful business owners in your niche and see if you can collaborate. They can stop you from making mistakes that you might make.


You have learned how to get Business Online with free tools. With this knowledge, you learn not only to survive but thrive. It is a journey, and it takes time. Do you want to start your Business Online? Share your thoughts in the comment below. Are you are facing any issues in the business? If you do not know where to start, you can have a Free 1-hour Consultation call on Calendly below:

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