Monetize Your Expertise In 3 Simple Steps

Monetize Your Expertise In 3 Simple Steps

“If you do not find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” Warren Buffet

Have you felt the pain of getting peanuts while getting huge responsibility on your head? 

You must be an Expert if you are reading this. The world may value You. But, have You Valued Yourself Enough?

I wrote this article to help you lead a free life and get Time Freedom. You get more money if you STOP or lessen Trading Time.

Monetize Your Expertise

You have been working hard for 10+ years. You have become a master in skill as well as working with people and products. You have made learned from mistakes and can help others from making some mistakes you have made. Monetizing Your Expertise is all about converting your Expertise into a Profitable Business. You learn to start charging RIGHT. You stop having unfair exchanges where you keep helping people for free. You make enough money to get Time Freedom and can use the Time Freedom to do what you love to do.

Why Monetize Your Expertise

Financial Freedom is very important for your security, freedom. As long as we have to pay in the supermarket to get needs, you need to have some regular cash flow for your expenses.

What do you think is better? A Million Dollar and above Bank Balance. Or, a few Customers or Million Followers and a low Bank Balance.

It is very common for experts to gain many followers since many need your help. But, you need to get clear on various business aspects and not get caught in the fame trap. Stay till the end to read the 3 Simple Steps to Monetise.

My Experiences

I have been an expert and below are the painful experiences:

  1. Forced Overtime of 12 hours a day to help anyone who calls for help.

2. Lack of proper food or sleep due to many wanting free help.

3. Many stole my expertise and made money from my works/expertise while I was struggling for needs.

After applying the 3 Steps and having more Clarity, I have enjoyed the following benefits:

1.Sleeping early at night

2.The huge burden of never-ending tasks got lifted off. After I started saying NO to those who were not my target audience

3.More quality customers

4.I decide what to do with my time and not any client

5. I choose my projects and clients

6.My works work for me in future

Steps needed to get Start Monetizing

Based on my experiences, here are the top 3 Simple Steps to Start Monetizing




The above steps will not only you to make money but find peace and fulfillment in your life purpose

Top 5 Business Strategies

Though you are an expert, you may not be aware of the Strategies to make money. There are lots of videos available on YouTube, yet, why would anyone buy your expertise


Learn to package your expertise as a nice Offer. This is like wrapping a gift in a Gift Box and selling it. Would you buy a Soap without any packaging or would pick up Dove or Lux/Hamam Soap? Observe the products you buy and understand why you buy them.


You need to think of benefits and not expertise while selling. If you are an expert in making a car/airplane, People are not interested in how a car/plane works. They trust you and they want Respect and Status. Understand what benefits your customers are looking for.


Having your website can be very helpful to start monetizing. I recommend you learn WordPress to start developing the website yourself.

Landing Page

Creating Landing Page is an excellent strategy to make a sale without a phone call.

Package Secrets and Sell

Another example to help you understand this is to stop sharing secret recipes if you are an expert cook. The customers can enjoy your expertise without you sharing the secrets.


You have learned Why Monetizing Your Expertise is the need of the hour. With this knowledge, you learn not only to survive but thrive. It is a journey, and it takes time. Are you interested to start your monetizing your expertise? Share your thoughts in the comment below. If you are an expert and stuck at monetizing your expertise, you can send your queries to

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