This is Thangu, a Software Specialist for 15+ years by profession, and a free entrepreneur, Coder from the heart.

I love to help business owners in the creation and support of complex software systems using SharePoint, HTML, PowerShell etc

I impact the lives of many professionals and students through my powerful videos/sessions.

Ever since my childhood in the 1990s in Muscat, I loved coding in Windows. 

Though my family wanted me to become a doctor, I chose Computer Science and completed my Computer Science degree from a prestigious Anna University.

I loved using many technologies like XML, HTML, NET, C#, SharePoint for many International clients. My dream to work in the USA came true in 2008 and I enjoyed the times in Hess, Coventry.

I have consulted many clients like Hess, 3M, Coca Cola, Aditya Birla in SharePoint 

I have trained over 3000+ through my videos on various platforms since 2015.

I had helped many organizations like Wipro, Capgemini, Mindtree in training many professionals in PowerShell, SharePoint, Web Development, Javascript, etc.

I helped Hess with the maintenance of their Internal Application Systems and the creation of many complex Systems in SharePoint.

I helped Coventry in support of the SharePoint administrator.

I helped 3M in the development of complex automation to move data from SharePoint to SQL and migration support for SharePoint

I helped Molina in the development of a complex web application using K2, SharePoint, HTML, DotNet

I helped Premera in the development of complex SQL queries.

I helped Scholastic to help take the right decision through analysis with PowerShell scripts for SharePoint

I helped In Q Tel with SharePoint support.

I helped SANDAG in the development of the complex report in SharePoint.

My goal is to help automate the business growth of many business owners, give freedom through my software marketing strategies and let you relax while long-lasting code/software does the work for you.

If you want free tips to improve your Software Business or improve your Software Career, follow me on Instagram @thanguconsulting

Connect: info@thangu.com or Text or WhatsApp 7406827010