Top Evergreen Lead Generation Secrets For Your Business

Top Evergreen Lead Generation Secrets For Your Business

“The lead generation starts by finding out where your target audience lives on the web” Wayne Davis

Have you felt the pain of getting NO results while trying so hard with various strategies to get leads? 

You must be an Online Business Owner or a new Online Business Owner if you are reading this. 

I wrote this article to help you TAKE the RIGHT ACTIONS TODAY to lead a financially free life and get Time Freedom. You get more money if you use the Right Strategies.

Lead Generation

What is lead? A lead is a Potential Customer. You should have clarity on your Target Audience. In simple terms, Target Audience is your clients or people who pay praise. You get their problems solved through your expertise or products/services. You are feeling comfortable working target audience and not everyone. Once you are clear with your target audience, your next step is to find your target audience. This article helps you to identify how to find the leads with various strategies.

Why Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is the Bread and Butter for your Business. You have your products and services. But if the people in the world do not know your existence, there is none to buy.

What do you think is better? Having 1000+ followers and 10 emails? Please note that followers are not leads unless they engage with you. The goal is to have a way to reach out to the leads or reverse without any dependence on the person/social platform.

Getting the Email is the best of all. You can connect with a person from any part of the world without any international phone charges. Stay till the end to read about the Latest Tool to generate leads in a short time without any content.

My Experiences

I have been generating leads for various businesses. Below are few painful experiences:

Wasting time by working too hard with content creation without any strategies

Working with the wrong target audience and losing peace of mind

Some give fake emails and get my products.

Working with wrong customers who never reply and expect me to reply.

After applying the 3 Steps and having more Clarity, I have enjoyed the following benefits:

Getting over 50+ leads without me working

Simple scripts to generate leads

More quality customers

Getting emails

I choose my projects and clients from over 100+ offers.

My works work for me in future

Steps needed to get Start Generating Leads

Based on my experiences, here are the top 3 Simple Steps to Start getting leads and converting leads.




The above steps will not only you to make LEADS but find quality leads that last. I have observed that Paid leads will commit and take actions more that free leads who never pay. You can make the leads pay a little to get quality leads.

Top 5 Business Strategies

Though you are an expert, you may not be aware of the Strategies to generate leads. Below are few Top few Strategies that work wonders on any platform


Listen to your target audience and listen to them or talk to them. Understand their problems and give solutions. The solution can be in any format, 

  • video on YouTube
  • text in blog
  • posts on Instagram or Facebook.

 I have posted over 1000+ content. I have observed that people engage with content that solves a big problem. For example, many have huge problems of not getting what they want due to a lack of negotiation skills. My posts on Instagram on Negotiation reach 1000+ without any own audience. You may check them


Though it is about problem-solving, posting the same content on all platforms does not bring the same results. You need to understand the culture of the platform, understand the algorithm, and use it wisely and strategically. Watch the top-performing posts of influencers in your niche and then bring your personality to your content. If you do not do this, you may not be using the features of the platforms to reach the audience. For example, hashtags on Instagram help reach your audience. I have tested on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Google Blogs, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Udemy, etc. Sometimes, the presence on all platforms is recommended since each user comes with their preference of social platform.


Having your website can be very helpful to get control. If you have your blog on your website, people will find your content on keyword searches related to your niche.

FREE Value System

You use the power of social media to give free value and then ask for their email or sell a product. The support of fans and supporters in your business can feel very warm and comforting.

Latest Lead Generator

Let us come to the latest tool that is Super Powerful to generate leads. Recently in 2021, I tested lead generation with Clubhouse and this is the best of all to generate leads without any content creation. But the above strategies do apply where I have to solve a problem, connect with leads, and convert them. I interacted with over 100+ people from different parts of the world and I helped and also received help without having my room. I have plans to host my rooms to help promote your brand and answer questions and answers to help support your business. You can join my Clubhouse group that helps your Business

If you are keen on starting your own business. If you have over 10+ years of experience, check out this Step-by-Step guide. This shows how I reached 100+ people in 15 days. I even got many customers whom I help weekly.

Get the FREE 7 Step Guide here

There are both good and bad in any platform and request you to take precautions and join only groups/connect with people that are relevant to your business to succeed.


You have learned about Lead generation. With this knowledge, you learn not only to survive but thrive. It is a journey, and it takes time. Would you be interested to start your monetizing your expertise? Share your thoughts in the comment below. If you are an expert and stuck at monetizing your expertise, you can send your queries to

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