Web 3.0 Basics for Your Meaningful Wonderful Secure Future

Web 3.0 Basics for Your Meaningful Wonderful Secure Future

Future Create by Thangu

The Best Way to Predict Future is to Create It

-Peter Drucker

Have you heard of Web 3.0 and are unsure what is Web 3.0?

Welcome to a short article to help you understand the Future in a simple way . Enjoy the Future by getting prepared for the changes.

Stay till the end to get a Vision of the Future.

What is Web 3.0?

In simple terms, you can think of Web 3.0 as a meaningful secure Internet with more control with the end-user or YOU.

Why Web 3.0?

• Can you imagine living without Internet?
• Understanding the Future technology can help you adapt well to the changes.
• You get more privacy and control while using Internet and not any company.
• Meaningful Internet
• Better Future


Let’s have a look at evolution of Web 3.0

Web Evolution By Thangu
Web Evolution by Thangu

Web 1.0

The initial Web 1.0 was very simple. You could read the data or information put by the business. The data is static.

Sample below


Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is the next generation where the site was dynamic. Users were allowed to add data. Sample examples are Facebook, youtube etc. Users can comment and share their thoughts.

What are some other Web 2.0 sites that you use daily? Comment below. Example


Linkedin etc

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the latest generation of meaningful and Intelligent Internet. It solves a problem related to privacy. For example, Facebook owns data. In Web 3.0, the data is decentralized and not owned by one company. One example is Bitcoin and NFT.

A Day in Future with Web 3.0

You might be getting needs with Bitcoins and not banks.

You will be having 3D experience and not 2D experience in website. Sample 3D site here.

You are more secure.

More Human interaction with machines.

Network better decision making


You have learned what is Web 3.0 and Why Web 3.0 can change the world. With this knowledge, you learn not only to live now , but also in the future even if changes happen.

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