What Can I Do For You?


I can help your business running on complex Software with the right strategy through my analysis to remove bugs and right decision improving ROI and peace.

Are you stuck with a complex Software project? 

A through Software Investigation can help to avoid problems in future

Choose the right tool

Long lasting Simple Solution


Your organization or business cannot grow with lack of certain skills and I can help fill the gap with following Online group training:

  1. Programming Basics for Non Computer graduates in 10 most demanded languages
  2. Web Development Basics
  3. Microsoft technologies
    1. PowerShell
    2. SharePoint
    3. Microsoft 365
    4. Excel
    5. SharePoint Administration
    6. PowerApps
    7. MS Teams And More…



SharePoint Strategic Planning and Consulting to get better results


I help many aspiring coders to set and reach their career goals. Aspiring coders can be of any age from 10 years to 65 years.

I love to help expert Software Engineers to succeed in setting up their own business or freelance.


I love to organize and speak in International events to help business owners and software engineers grow.


I love to convert an small idea of your business to a Software through coding in following languages/platforms:

1. SharePoint solutions

2. 1 Page HTML Page

3. PowerShell scripts

4. Code Review



Software is changing the world and making life way easier.

However, professionals and organizations face tremendous difficulty in complex Software Systems and the lack of knowledge.

My expertise lies in helping you find the most simple affordable and long term solutions from my 15+ years of experience with the right strategies.

Take Care,

Towards Your Success