PayPal Your Top Best Pal For Your Online Business

PayPal Your Top Best Pal For Your Online Business. Automated payments from your sellable works can change your life. You can get time freedom to spend time with loved ones/do what you love while your works bring money for you.

“Payment notifications are great” Unknown

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It is very important to get paid in your Online Business.

Even if you work hard and give results, if you do not have certain things set up, you cannot get paid.

What are the pains you can avoid if you read till the end?

Reduction in waiting time – You have the right to get paid instantly or have less waiting time. Gone are the days when a client pays on 1st and you receive the payment in 45 days.

Less manual headache – You do not have to go to the bank to deposit the cheque into your account.

Invoices – All the transactions are available for life online. You need not depend on many papers.

Potential to get Passive Income with right Online Tools

I wrote this article to help you get started for your Online Business with the best Payment systems.


PayPal is a fast safe way to send and receive money. Your Business PayPal account is way better.

Why PayPal

· PayPal is easy to set up.

· PayPal works for international customers.

· PayPal allows Recurring subscriptions.

My Experiences

Below are my experiences with PayPal:

Very simple to set up.

Direct payment from PayPal is very fast and easy.

Integrating a PayPal subscription or normal payment on a website can be way easier than Stripe.

Many platforms that generate passive income need PayPal

I enjoyed the following benefits with PayPal:

Many International Transactions with ease without sharing bank account details.

Simple setup.

The automated payments were happening without any issues.

Other Top Tools

Based on my experiences, here are the top tools to help you get started with Business.

• India

• Instamojo – Superb shopping store. Very modern and simple store.

• Paytm – A wonderful mobile app to accept and receive payments.

• WhatsApp – Latest news is that WhatsApp is planning to integrate payment. People can get needs from WhatsApp payment as of Jan 2022.

• Google Pay- Many Indian businesses have asked me to pay on Google Pay most of the time.

• Razor pay- The setup can take a long time. But this can allow international payment, subscriptions, and way loads of features.

• International

• PayPal

• Stripe

The above tools will help you run your business. Having your brand on Instagram, YouTube cannot guarantee any payment for your hard work. When you do business you are investing time and money and it makes sense that you make a profit and not any loss.

Why not only Bank Account or Cash

You may be wondering, “Why not use Bank Account or Cash?”

First, Bank Account is your property and most secure asset, and sharing your bank details with anyone or any online portal is not at all recommended.

PayPal transactions are way safer than Bank Accounts. All the above tools are helpful to transfer the money to your Bank Account.

Passive Income

It is crucial to set up systems to get Passive Income. The first tech-related to setting up your Passive Income would be setting up your PayPal account.

If you do not have your PayPal Business setup, set up one. You will not lose anything by setting up your PayPal account. You have lots to gain in time through your own business.

You can do what you want to do every day and not do what others want you to do.

Find your expertise and start monetizing. More on monetizing expertise

Monetize Your Expertise – TechStart Your Online Business(


You have learned about PayPal and many tools that can help start your Online Business. What tool would you like to do your Business? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

If you are an expert and want to start/scale your Business, I am planning a series of content planned for 2022 to move you from Zero To Hero in setting up your Online Business.

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