Struggling To Learn PowerShell?

Master PowerShell Basics In 7 Days

PowerShell is unbelievably powerful…

But it can be frustrating to learn with massive confusing information for beginners

Whether you:

  • Are a business owner or Director or Windows user looking to do research on thousands of records or reduce manual hours to avoid 1000 clicks 
  • An IT Administrator or System Administrator forced to learn PowerShell
  • A learner who wants to learn PowerShell to have a great marketable skill for 2021 and beyond…

You know PowerShell is the best.

With Powering You with PowerShell course, you’ll have the skills you need to automate common tasks like creating files – in just a few minutes without 1000 clicks

To bring out the creator in you with code as shown below

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PowerShell is actually easy

But there is a problem

  • And that is that it’s confusing to learn on your own…
  • Learning PowerShell can be really hard. There’s a lot to learn and you need to get it right.
  • And when you try to understand it all, you have way too much material on the web. So you try to learn on your own, you get stuck, search online
  • Spending time learning how to use PowerShell can be a big investment.

And here’s what happens:

  • You spend an hour or more looking up tutorials that go on and on explaining theory but never actually telling you about what you are trying to do exactly.
    You find several possible solutions, every one different than the previous one, and never know which one is the right one for you.
  • In time, you work things out… but you never feel like you are mastering PowerShell — just that you’re fighting an infinite battle, never comfortable with your skills and results.
  • And in time, the issues pile up and it all becomes overwhelming.

How do I know…

Here At Thangu Consulting,  I have helped thousands learn PowerShell and various technologies and over


minutes taught

I receive many questions on PowerShell on various platforms. About how confusing it is to search through a mountain of confusing tutorials, long-winded videos that talk about random features that don’t matter to you…

I get frequent messages on how my training style is very simple, concise, unique and has impressed many.

So I took everything I know about Powering you with PowerShell and  built the ULTIMATE beginner Powering You with PowerShell course:

Thangu Consulting POwering You with PowerShell

Powering You With PowerShell Course

Master PowerShell In Less Than 7 Days
Learn To Code
Without Any Complex Install

Here is a Sneak Peak

Section 1 is like a Lecture describing the concepts in PowerShell and you can close your eyes and listen

Section 2 is the best way to learn by watching and getting ready to face the world. If you have your own Windows PC, launch PowerShell and try the commands.

Section 3 shares my real world experiences in PowerShell and how PowerShell helps to solve many problems. PowerShell is very powerful to save time of many manual tasks that takes days to be automated in 1 hour of coding and executing. Learn from my mistakes and do not repeat them!


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At this point, you have two option…


You can keep learning on your own, watching videos, and searching for tutorials. This means wasting a lot of time and a lot of frustrations with outdated content, confusing instructions, and trial-and-error…


Or you can join Powering You With PowerShell and get started on your coding journey today, putting each lesson into action as you go along with the course, and creating your very own code quickly and easily.

Let’s be honest — the choice is obvious, especially since you can take advantage of our exclusive subscriber discount.