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Title Description
No Code Solutions Analyse your requirement and provide a No Code solution using SharePoint Lists, List Views,Wiki/Site Pages. Create Dashboards, WorkFlows using OOB,Flows,SPD,PowerApps etc.Fix SharePoint issues like SharePoint search scope rule,change Admin setting in SharePoint Online etc.
All Little PowerShell codes in Microsoft Graph,PnP,CSOM,REST PowerShell codes for CRUD on various objects in Office 365 like Outlook,Azure AD,SharePoint Site,List,Library,User,Custom Action,Views,Versions,Columns etc.View Details here
Column Formatting for Dashboards on SharePoint Lists Change Background Color,Change CSS based on condition,Align the text,change word space,Change Text to Upper Case,Give Rounded Border,change padding,Show Current time,SVG diagrams like callout,play button,star,Button to take to Google search results for current item,Button to launch a Flow,Button to Edit,Share,Delete,show progress bars, get user details etc.View Sample here
PowerShell Little Solutions using PnP Get Reports and do various actions on SharePoint like apply provisioning, Send Mail,CRUD on Sites,Subsites,Lists,Fields,List Items,Users,Taxonomy,Features,Recycle Bins, add Javascript,Search,Files,Folders,Alternate CSS etc .View Sample here
PowerShell Little Solutions using REST and Microsoft Graph API Get Reports and do various actions on SharePoint like create Communication Site from code, CRUD on Sites,Subsites,Lists,Fields,List Items,Users,Files,Folders,Microsoft Excel Tables etc .View Sample PHP for SharePoint here
PowerShell Little Solutions using CSOM Get Reports and do various actions on SharePoint like create Modern Page from code, CRUD on Sites,Subsites,Lists,Fields,List Items,Users,Taxonomy,Features,Search,Files,Folders,Custom Action etc .View Sample code here and reports here
Javascript Little Solutions User PowerShell PnP to inject small Javascript code to display Notification based time,REST code using Javascript to construct REST Url for SharePoint,Javascript Code to generate Google chart,Canvas Chart from Sp List, creation of Javascript codes based on needs using PowerShell, Create a View,View items in Recycle Bin,view Storage info, CRUD on Site,List,List Item etc.Sample code here
Larger/Reusable Solutions using Apps Analyse the Requirement.Do the solution in Single Page using small scripts like Javascript in Script Editor page. Convert that to SharePoint Hosted App/SPFx App to display Site,User,List details etc.Example, View documents addded to a Site today using REST api.