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✔️ YOU GET HIGH PRIORITY. There are HUGE new requests weekly and care is taken to listen to all.


✔️ Lot of time and money is spent to get your request done and advance pay can finance your project.

✔️ You are very clear on a big problem you want to solve and serious when your Pay in advance.

✔️ You are working with experts who have already given results to your problem to other clients.

✔️ You can choose 1 other product from Thangu for FREE based on your need.

✔️ If your request involves Time, you pay 100$ for First 1 hour and then proceed once request is clear.

✔️ If your request involves Time, you get all things clear simple Scope of Work document.


About Thangu

Having been in the software industry for 15+ years. Thangu  has been working from home for over 10+ years as a Solopreneur. Thangu is aware of what works and what does not work in an online business. She knows what tool to use for your business need. She loves to use the power of code and software to achieve ultimate FREEDOM.

Her favorite motto is “Let the code work, YOU Relax”

She is almost close to achieving that by reducing huge cost and time by using the power of technology in her Business. She is a Solopreneur.

She has worked with 5000+  International clients and has also composed 400+ videos and has spoken in various International Conferences.

She has experience as a Independent Software Architect, Consultant, Instructor to various clients and professionals.  She loves to help experts with over 10+ years attain freedom , security and fulfillment through her experiences as independent consultant, contractor, freelancer, business owner, marketing. 

Through her “Technical courses” alone, she has trained about 2000+ students, and the number is going up day by day.



Most Frequently Asked Questions

You must have min 10 years of experience and own Business.

Yes, you can ask doubts at

PAYTM(huge discount)