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I have thoroughly enjoyed the years spent in SharePoint and coding and I would like to share top 10 projects in my 10+ years with SharePoint that can benefit your organisation too. Though the ways/methods have change, the projects/ideas are there to last.You will observe the common business requirements in SharePoint You will learn about various ways to solve a business problem and choose the best based on your environment. You might need a similar project to solve a business need.
I would like to share top 10 MS Graph projects among over 100+ mini MS Graph projects with SharePoint that can benefit your organisation too.You do not need paid Azure subscription to do these projects. Latest way to develop solutions in SharePoint or Microsoft 365.If you want to check a Microsoft Graph requirement is already done, just give a search for your requirement in this book and check if the request has been done already.
This eBook guides your organisation to upgrade from older to newer versions of SharePoint On Premise version.You will benefit with the following:
  • Learn the Types of Upgrade
  • Steps to Upgrade
  • Who are involved in Upgrade
  • Checklists
  • PowerShell commands
  • Upload document library for Migration
  • Video Link
This eBook “SharePoint Fundamentals for End Users” focuses on the fundamentals of SharePoint Online through a story. The storyline is about Lucky travelling to a developed country to work on SharePoint projects. She is blessed with very good clients named Jay and Mary. She is having memorable times far away from home. She is also helping the clients develop a simple SharePoint “Garden” project without any development involved.
Are you using SharePoint heavily to create applications.You know the basics of SharePoint, but not miss out on certain advanced concepts which are useful in the real world. This books shares many secrets from the real world in a innovative way to help you learn more tricks to use SharePoint. You will learn more on Lists, Libraries, Web Parts, secret layouts pages and many more. You can read fast and learn or apply them in your SharePoint environment and learn.
This app lets you get all sites in a SharePoint site, has logging and email feature.First, ensure you have prerequisites like https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/details.aspx?id=35588 and PnP SharePoint. Sample MS Graph PowerShell app demo here https://www.youtube.com/embed/Nt-3rpT0KfA. Give the Folder name which you want to see report.
This eBook is a prerequisite to “Commanding SharePoint with SP Cmdlets” focusses on fundamentals of PowerShell.